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The "13" is a lucky number!

Many thanks to all the actors, all artists, contributors and partners, all sponsors and prize sponsors, helpers and supporters, the television makers, journalists, photographers and bloggers, and above all all the guests, visitors and spectators for a truly...

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Records in the MDR and Theaterplatz

More people than ever before were watching this year's SemperOpernball. With a record 21.6 percent, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk achieved the strongest market share in the history of ball broadcasts with live broadcasts. Together with the replay of the television...

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Giant rush at the 13th SemperOpernball

What an evening! Giant rush and great atmosphere at the 13th SemperOpernball. It was the promised magic night in and before the Dresden Semperoper. Probably more people than ever before were there and   transformed   Theaterplatz into a colorful sea...

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